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The Queen of Cunts

We Piss Mascara and Vomit Glitter

Our Hearts Are Made of Diamonds
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Hello and Welcome Insecure Fucks.

So nice of you to drop by and see if you have what it takes to be a queen of cunts.

Let me introduce myself and the rules.




1.I don't care who you are, if I the mod or other accepted members are "mean" to you, you may not bitch, moan or complain.

2.However, if you are an accepted member, you may say the honest truth you feel about an applicant unless you are insulting their race or sexual preference.

3.This is a makeup rating community. If you can't do make up please do not trouble me and try out.

4.Every month there will be a Make up of the Month. Try outs for this will br two weeks before the month is over.

5.In the subject of your application i want you to write "Bang Bang Pretty" so that i know you actually read the rules.

6.I am trying to look for uniqueness and expressiveness in your makeup. So please try.

7.REMEMBER! There may be rules when it comes to this coomunity but there are no rules when it comes to expressiveness in make up.


Favorite Brands of Makeup:
Make up Style:
Promote in 1 community AND one journal(must use banner when promoting):